New Essay Published

Amidst the ambient booms of the soundtrack and the vast landscapes panning across the screen, only a beekeeper would pay special attention to the bees in Blade Runner 2049. We meet them but briefly – two thirds of the way through the film – while “K” (Ryan Gosling) is searching for “Deckard” (Harrison Ford) in a desert of haze and crumbling monuments. The terrain is bleak and K wanders until surprised by a single honey bee that has landed on his hand.

I'm pleased to announce that Bee Culture Magazine has chosen another of my articles for publication.  This piece looks critically at the brief scene in Blade Runner 2049 when honey bees and dystopia collide.  Find the entire article here.

Cover image engraving and aquatint printed in colors "Levitation" by Hector Saunier; image courtesy of The Annex Galleries